about Beth


Beth loves all things related to how the mind, body, our emotions and our beliefs translate into health or dis-ease in the body.  She began her exploration early on in life with a keen interest in nutrition and being an athlete, exploring the body’s capabilities through running, biking, swimming, sports and yoga.  

Her career started as a business woman in America and after 12 successful years she decided to pursue a new career in natural health to align with her personal passions.  In 2000 Beth earned a Medical Massage Therapy degree from the Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.  Working with the body she very quickly become enamoured with the fascial system and its role in our body’s structure, our movements and all our physiological functions.

Over the years Beth has expanded her knowledge and understanding through many mind, body, fascial and energetic studies including courses with Tom Myers, BodyTalk, nutrition and becoming a Health Coach and exploring Eastern philosophies, energy medicine and shamanic practices.

Beth moved to New Zealand in 2007 and found a growing interest in the fascial system among hands on and movement practitioners.  So she quickly developed courses in Myofascial Release and began teaching throughout the country.  She has since created her own mind body approach to working with fascia called MicroFascial Unwinding as well as techniques related to releasing scars and adhesions.

Beth loves to teach practitioners how to ‘unwind the body from outside in’ and ‘unwind the body from the inside out’.  She is a passionate and enthusiastic fascial educator and has spoken at conferences for Massage New Zealand, Hand Therapy New Zealand and the Australasian Lymphology Association. 

Beth has a private practice in Nelson, but spends much of her time teaching courses throughout New Zealand.  To learn more about her work:  www.mfrworkshops.com or contact her at info@mfrworkshops.com

about Jenny

My massage career began in 2001 at The Lotus Holistic Centre in Hastings where I attained a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage.  I went on to study naturopathy and herbal medicine, but it was the massage that really appealed.  I found the majority of clients who came to me were seeking relaxation and stress reduction, so addressing the parasympathetic nervous system soon became my primary focus, underlying all massages.

In 2005 I began teaching at The Lotus Holistic Centre.  I taught relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, reflexology, theory of massage, client assessment, research and muscular anatomy in increasing amounts over the years as my children grew up.

In 2019 I asked Beth if she would come to The Lotus Centre to teach Myofascial Release and she said YES!  I attended all six days and absolutely loved it.   My first moment of mindfully sinking into the fascia was like coming home, and later that day I said to Beth “If myofascial release does everything you say it does, why would you do anything else?”!!!

And so began my very focused and enthusiastic journey into fascia and myofascial release.  I quickly become certified in MFR with Beth and myofascial release has been my primary approach with all of my clients since then.  I find it is equally as relaxing as the massage I used to do and therapeutically much more effective.  And my clients agree!

I have attended all three of Beth’s myofascial courses at least 4 times now – I get so much out of them every time.  I have also attended both her MicroFascial Unwinding courses.

Fascia absolutely rocks my world!