about Beth

Beth013Beth started her career as a business woman creating a successful sales career for over 10 years in America.  In the late 1990s she decided to pursue her personal interests and passions around health and well being and began her new career journey in natural health.

In 2000 Beth earned a Medical Massage Therapy degree from the Virginia School of Massage in Charlottesville, Virginia and set up a private practice for 6 years in America working with high level athletes and clients with pain and mobility issues.

In 2007 Beth was ready for a new adventure in life and moved to New Zealand.  She landed in Tauranga and managed a massage and beauty clinic, overseeing the growth of the business, managing the staff and working with clients.  She taught the staff myofascial release therapy and assisted them in creating more effective treatment protocols and successful outcomes with clients.

In 2008 Beth became intrigued by a mind body healing system called BodyTalk and quickly became a BodyTalk Practitioner.  She moved to Nelson soon after that and set up a private practice utilizing all her skills to help people heal on a physical, emotional and mental level.  Myofascial release therapy has always been Beth’s primary technique in her massage sessions.

Beth’s passion for myofascial release therapy and her strong desire to share this technique with other therapists led her to create three 2 day workshops in myofascial release therapy.  Teaching myofascial release therapy is a natural outcome of utilizing all of Beth’s experience and passions.  She loves facilitating group settings where everyone brings their gifts and interest to learn something new.  She now travels around the country each year sharing her passion and knowledge in a fun learning environment.



BodyTalk is a comprehensive, effective and non-invasive holistic healthcare system that enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Physical and emotional stress causes communication pathways in the body to breakdown, resulting in discomfort and disease.

BodyTalk restores communication pathways, allowing the body to resynchronize its activities and restore balance in the mind body complex.  Muscle testing is utilized to ask the innate wisdom of the body what it needs for better health.  Formulas are developed which shift and rebalance energy in the body, creating more ease and enhanced well being for clients on all levels.

Beth has a strong fascination about health and healing and is always learning.  She has taken courses in Reiki, NeuroMuscular techniques, joint mobilization, Shamanism, MindScape and intuitive healing.


Comments from Students:

“Beth, your warm and approachable manner was so helpful along with your in-depth experience and wisdom with the body and this method. Thank you!”

“I loved learning about fascia and myofascia release therapy, it has gotten me excited about the body again. Thank you Beth, you are awesome.”

“Thank you for sharing your gift with us. It was an excellent course. Beth is a wonderful instructor.”

“Beth’s courses on myofascial release are incredibly useful. Beth’s knowledge of the topic is amazing and her passion makes learning easy and fun. Beth describes the entire technique in an easy to understand way and associates all of the theory directly into hands-on practice. What a great course. Thank you Beth.”

“This is one of the best courses I have done. Not only did I learn more skills, I felt confident about introducing the techniques in my practice. Beth gave very clear instructions about the work and is very encouraging and complimentary which instills confidence to use the techniques right away.”

“Beth’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her knowledge is at level where she can comfortably lecture to medical professionals. Her hands on skills are exceptional. I have no problem in recommending Beth’s courses to my physio colleagues and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in furthering their soft tissue techniques.”