Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest in delving into the exciting world of fascia. Working with fascia is currently one of the most dynamic areas in hands on and movement therapy. There is mounting evidence validating that a healthy fascial system is critical to our overall health and wellbeing. The fascial system provides the structural architecture for our bodies, and strongly influences the effective functioning of our physiology on all levels.

I want this website to be a valuable educational resource for practitioners to learn effective fascial techniques to help address their client’s medical conditions and pain in their bodies. It is my intent to build a community of practitioners who specialise in fascia so the public can find a qualified practitioner in their area.

I have created courses in myofascial release (MFR), microfascial unwinding (MFU) and addressing scars & adhesions to help practitioners increase their sensitivity and understanding with working with fascial tissue, as well as provide effective techniques that create powerful change in the body. These courses are for anyone qualified practitioner who has an interest in understanding how the body is structured and functions as a dynamic whole, with fascia being the constituent tissue creating form, space, mobility and functionality. The techniques works in alignment with the innate wisdom of the body and can be incorporated in with any other body, energy or movement therapy.

I am delighted to be working in a field that is so dynamic and has such a powerful influence to create change in people’s lives.


discover MFR

Myofascial release is a powerful technique that creates profound change in the body by releasing fascial restrictions. It enhances anatomical and physiological function in the body addressing pain, movement limitations, structural and postural dysfunction and energy flow restrictions.


Fascia courses

Learn how fascia creates the form and structure of the body, influences all our physiological functioning and stores our memories and beliefs. These courses will change how you look at and feel into the body, expanding your ability to effectively evaluate client needs and create more effective treatment protocols.

course schedule

Courses are held throughout the country. Find out when a course is being held near you. Register online to begin your learning adventure into the world of fascia & myofascial release therapy. Courses are appropriate for all skill levels offering value to hands on therapists, energy workers, movement instructors & manipulation therapists.


“I began applying the MFR techniques with my clients in clinic straight away after taking the course. I have seen immediately responses with clients and made inspirational progress particularly with my chronic pain clients. It is such an awesome satisfaction to be able to offer MFR to these individuals that had lost hope of ever being pain free. Thank you!