MFR course feedback

“I have been a qualified Practitioner for over 20 years and work in a wonderful clinic called ‘BEING’, The Centre for Natural Health, in Nelson, New Zealand.  I had the privilege of attending Beth’s Myofascial Release Course.  Beth’s warm enthusiasm, ability to lead with clear explanations, and guided demonstrations, inspired myself and others during this highly professional and well presented course.

I found Beth’s teaching technique very beneficial, and instantly applicable in my current practice.  It’s a wonderful, wholebody, natural treatment, which has continued to be enjoyed and appreciated by many clients.  I would highly recommend any professional Bodyworker to attend this course.  Thank you Beth for your sharing.”

-Anna M. Szefczyk-Moore
Remedial Massage, Craniosacral & Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist

“Thanks again for an awesome weekend. I came home afterwards feeling huge releases in my own body including a release of long held trauma from my tissues. I feel I have gained some of the answers and missing links in my own healing & recovery journey that I have been looking for for some time. I have been craving deeper knowledge in MFR and I got that in spades.”

“I began applying the MFR techniques with my clients in clinic straight away after taking the course.  I have seen immediately responses with clients and made inspirational progress particularly with my chronic pain clients. It is such an awesome satisfaction to be able to offer MFR to these individuals that had lost hope of ever being pain free.  Thank you!”

“I love it that I have a new way to work – both on clients bodies and on my personal posture and stance.  I need to look after me too!”

“Every therapist should take this course, it will improve their work whether they are experienced or a novice.”

“I loved learning about fascia and myofascia release therapy, it has gotten me excited about the body again!  Thank you Beth, you are awesome.”

“Thank you for sharing your gift with us.  It was an excellent course.  Beth is a wonderful instructor.”

“The course was very interactive and very informative.  It was professional run yet relaxed and friendly.  I really enjoyed learning this new technique.”

“This course was a perfect addition to the massage therapy work that I am currently doing.  I would love to keep learning and develop these skills more.”

“This is one of the best courses I have done.  Not only did I learn more skills, I felt confident about introducing the techniques in my practice.  Beth gave very clear instructions about the work and is very encouraging and complimentary which instills confidence.  The manual is really well done.”

“I really enjoyed the technique.  It was fascinating to learn how our emotions and life experiences presents in the physical body and know that we can help people in a very holistic way.”

“Beth Beauchamp’s courses on myofascial release are incredibly useful. Beth’s knowledge of the topic is amazing and her passion makes learning easy and fun. Beth describes the entire technique in an easy to understand way and associates all of the theory directly into hands-on practice. What a great course. Thank you Beth.”