Myofascial Release Therapy with Pregnancy

I am currently working with a woman who is pregnant. First I would like to say what an honour it is to work with a woman who is supporting the development of a new being. Pregnancy is a time of great change in the body anatomically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally. Holding a space of support during this time of growth and change is very special.

The woman was referred to me by a Physiotherapist who specialises in incontinence, internal pelvic issues, female issues and pregnancy. The client is healing a tear in her pubic synthesis and presented with pelvic imbalances and pain in her low back, hip joints and IT bands. The physiotherapist was having success at adjusting the public symphisis and working internally with other balancing issues, but thought I could help with the client’s other pain.

Our work together has been very successful in keeping her pain at bay and allowing her to sleep better and support the growing baby.

The work has included lengthening and softening the back along the spine, releasing QL and Iliopsoas, detailed work around the hip joints, pelvis and along the IT band. All of this has given her much relief. We have also done work on her belly to relieve the pulling discomfort she has experienced as the baby has had growth spurts.

But here is where the story gets very interesting and is a good example of what we can achieve when we connect in intuitively and add in our understanding of the consciousness of the mind body.

She came to me earlier this week in tears when she was unable to get in to see the physiotherapist. She was exhausted from lack of sleep and in considerable pain in her pubic synthesis area. We decided to see if we could connect deeply into her situation and get some further understanding of the issue.

I spent some time connecting in deeply with the body and learned that her pelvis was under considerable strain due to all the responsibilities and burdens she was carrying. It was if the weight of the world was on her shoulders and this was having a ripple effect of compressing the spine and then putting extra pressure on her hips. She still has 3 months to go in her pregnancy so it will be very important to take some of the weight off the pelvis girdle.

She was still trying to do all her normal busy tasks in life of working, looking after a toddler, cleaning, shopping, etc. In her eyes everything “fell on her shoulders.” We also talked about her feeling that there was “never enough time” and her expectations of being “able to do it all.”

Through our conversation and working with more awareness, we were able to realign her public synthesis and help her shift her perspective so that she can make decisions to change things in her life moving forward.

After the session she felt lighter, had much less pain and felt inspired to seek support from her husband, friends and family. And she really realised the need to slow down and enjoy this magical time in her life. She was very grateful for the session and is very appreciative of my ongoing support.

It is very rewarding to work with clients deeper than just addressing their physical symptoms and really support them in a truly holistic way.

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