myofascial release videos

I am delighted to offer videos of the techniques I teach in each of my 2 day myofascial release courses: The Fundamentals, Advanced Upper Body and Advanced Lower Body. For each course the techniques are presented as 14-17 short videos with a few muscles covered in each video.  This makes is easy to find a particular technique you want to review, as well as watch it over and over for training.

The videos are very high quality and easy to follow.  It is like having me in your clinic!

The list of muscle techniques covered in each course can be found here: The Fundamentals, Advanced Upper Body and Advanced Lower Body.

The videos are produced at a high quality standard. Wide angle shots will focus on my posture and position, as well as how I connect with the client’s body. The close angle shots will show my specific hand placements on the body and how the technique is accomplished.

Short excerpt from a video.

Video Format Options:

There are two video format options:  DVDs and Online Streaming.  There will be an additional $15 charge for shipping and handling for all DVDs mailed in NZ.

With online streaming you will create a login ID upon purchase, which will be your access ID for streaming. The videos can be downloaded to a disk, flash drive or to your computer. The videos are for individual use only and may not be shared with others without permission.

Cost:  $100 per course

Buying the videos

You can purchase the online streaming version by hovering over the image below and then clicking ‘add to basket.’  You can also click on the course title for more information. Once you have clicked on each video you want to purchase, you can view your cart, or check out to complete your purchase.

The website will be updated soon to include the ability to purchase the DVDs.  Until then, simply send me an email and I will get them to you.